Reducing Migraine Conditions through Alternate Therapies

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Reducing Migraine

MigraineMigraine can be reduced through several home remedies though the reduction can be a slow process there are definite ways to get real results. While strong medicines are really necessary to control an attack only a slow and steady approach to treating it from inside and controlling outside triggers in environment can help a lot. Firstly it is important to get an allergy test done and understand your triggers. While most people would be allergic to smoke, coffee, smell of perfume or cooking, dust, pollution, pollen, cheese, other dairy products, gluten, nuts, etc. there can be strange apparently harmless culprits too. So the first step would be to understand your triggers through a blood allergy test and avoid the triggers.This is a must. After this, one must go through an internal cleansing method by going through a completely raw or fresh juice based diet for a couple of days which does not include any of the trigger foods.

Vegetable Juices

This does not mean that one goes into raw food for life straight but in 90% cases having an extremely high raw based and allergy food free diet really helps. This is the most effective investment any long term migraine sufferer can make for himself or herself. One must allow oneself to remain of the main triggers for life and get allergy tests done from time to time as our blood chemistry and adaptability changes from time to time. It is also important to follow the clinical researches done on blood types and possible allergens. The popular books and websites on following the blood type diet helps one clean up the system further, enabling to stay on a lifetime mode of healthy living. This works in all known cases. Apart from usual medicines this is also extremely important to boost the immune system.

Fruits and Vegetables

When we have a lot of organic fresh raw fruits and vegetables in our diet, deleting the trigger food and avoiding our triggers in our environment to the best of our ability, we really fortify ourselves from within. After being on this diet one understands that there is nothing better than controlling our diet, keeping a healthy exercise pattern and lifestyle in establishing our diet. The surprising thing is that as we clean our diet we find incredible energy to pursue life and get to have new interests in life that we never knew were there before.

Healthy Exercise

There is a thing about health that really calls for increased wealth in every sense of the word, whether it be spiritual, material, prosperity, friendship, you name it, its there!

Brain Part Can Forecasts The Risk of Dementia

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A hyper activity in the memory storage part of the brain indicates the risk of dementia according to the UK study.

Researchers already know that people which have the rough type of gene ApoE4 have a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Now the findings have associated delicate activities of hippocampus with the same mutation in people as young as 20.


The researchers of UK strongly believe that, over active hippocampus raise the risk of dementia in later age. This study could be the objective in developing techniques to point out people with increased risk of dementia.

The Affect of Obesity is Seen Later in Women

The Affect of Obesity is Seen Later in Women 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

obeseThe research shows that during old age women’s life decreases due to the disabilities due to obesity & arthritis. This report was presented on Saturday during the annual meeting of American Geriatrics Society in Chicago.

The main reason why women suffer from obesity in their later years is after their pregnancy and menopausal period, excess amount of calorie is released in the body which leads to increase in fat cells and further leads to weight gain leading to obesity.

The best way to cure arthritis is to consult a doctor as soon as you see any of the symptoms of arthritis, after which the doctor will examine you and your problems and then the doctor will tell you of some X-rays, blood test, and urine test and after knowing the result will carry forward the treatment.

Breastfeeding protects children from SIDS

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It has been founded that, breastfeeding reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), German researchers stated.

Researcher advised that public health messages which are providing awareness about the SIDS risk reduction should highlight the mother to breastfeed their babies at least for the first six months.

Some countries are already emphasizing on the breastfeeding in their Anti-SIDS campaigns, while most are not. The objective of this study was to reconfirm that the breastfeeding, in real means, protect infants from SIDS.


The specific study included 333 children who died because of SIDS and 998 age-matched “control” kids.

Diet for Malabsorption Syndrome

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What is malabsorption syndrome?

Malabsorption syndrome is the deficiency of the body to absorb variable degrees of number of nutrients like vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The malabsorption syndrome causes ill health, anemia and steatorrhea.

The malabsorption syndrome can occur due to some of the following factors. Due to gluten sensitivity, diffuse of small bowel mucosal injury, tuberculosis and other diseases involving the wall of the small bowel, parasitic infections, short circuiting of the bowel, decrease in the amount of the bile salts and use of the laxative drugs.


Diet for malabsorption syndrome

For the persons having malabsorption syndrome, a small peptide based diet may be beneficial. Wheat is one of the enemies for malabsorption syndrome and hence it should be avoided. Oats can be added to the diet as it may help a lot with the syndrome. Always a high protein diet is given to correct the mal nutrition of the proteins.

Long Term Experience of Constipation May Lead to Other Problems

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ConstipationIf you are suffering from regular constipation from time to time then it is time to review your health and diet and go in for a serious check. You would be shocked to know that a simple problem like constipation can lead to a whole lot of other health problems that you might not be suspecting at all. Constipation is associated with various other colon health related diseases.

Scientific evidences show that constipation can boost to risks of higher and more serious conditions like hemorrhoids, artery blockage, anal fissures, severe colon problems, urologic disorders, fecal conditions, etc. The studies by Dr. Nicholas J. Talley show that people with serious constipation issues are in line of some more severe complications if they don’t take care of these conditions in time.

Many people go through constipated symptoms from time to time, which is not a thing to be bothered about but if you are constipated for prolonged periods then it is time for you to go through some thorough detoxing of the colon. It is believed by most medical professionals that true health begins with health of the colon. The more you are able to clean out old and buried gunk from your body the better you are to absorb nutrients and help your body heal.

Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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bowel-disease3Inflammatory bowel diseases – An introduction

The inflammatory diseases like the ulcerative colitis are characterized by the inflammation and ulceration in the colon. This results in the frequent passage of the stools, often accompanied with blood and mucous. The exact cause of this is still unknown. In this disease, the entire colon may be affected.

Diet for Diarrhea and Dysentery

Diet for Diarrhea and Dysentery 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

Diarrhea and dysentery – An introduction

Diarrhea is a condition in which the weight of the stool exceeds 200 – 250 g/day. It is the abnormal frequency and liquidity of the fecal discharges and there is a passage of the unformed stools. In infants, diarrhea dehydration is one of the main causes for death.


Dysentery is the condition in which diarrhea is accompanied with the passage of blood and mucous. The common reasons for dysentery are the Amebic and bacillary infections of the colon. The stool culturing is the only known cause for dysentery. If the fecal matter is freshly collected and is transferred, then there won’t be any problem or else, it may lead to dysentery.

Vasectomy Rising with Falling Economy

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The procedures of vasectomies have greatly increased since the economic downturn started last year, doctors from all around the U.S reported.


Doctors suspect that there are two possible reasons which are forcing them to take such step, one is the diminishing desire of children because of the expanses, second could possibly that people want to undergo such surgeries before the end of their jobs and health insurance.

The Riskier Side of Liver Transplantation

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Liver Disease

If you are very thin or very fat then you are at higher risks in regards to liver transplantation. Being underweight or overweight is thus not a good proposition when you want to go for liver transplantation. Recent medical reports suggest that such patients hold greater risks associated with a transplantation process. High illnesses and even death, post transplantation has even been noticed with such patients.  The researchers at “Liver Transplantation Journal” have confirmed of this study.

Triumph Over Cellulite With Endermology

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anti-celluliteEndermology is the recent and most effective treatment to reduce cellulite. This procedure make the fat tissues disappear while using tiny rollers that gently massage body parts affected with cellulite. Specialists claim that this procedure removes the fats and waste products from the tissues. After the rolling, fats are removed through suction from your skin. This treatment needs the visits fort nightly till the complete removal of cellulite.

This anti-cellulite procedure minimizes water retention by improving the blood circulation and lymphatic system. Endermology also eliminates dead cells of skin, and rejuvenate the skins. Irregularity in the treatment makes endermology unable to produce desired result. Many women complain that cellulite come back after couple of weeks of treatment. Therefore Knightsbridge Laser Clinic recommends those women, to complete their treatment and follow the after car tips to avoid the recurrence.

A Diet Rich in Complementary Proteins

Protein Balanced Diet
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A healthy diet for bodybuilders and athletes should be rich in proteins and should include protein shakes for an increase in the daily protein intake. Proteins are so important because they contain a high amount of the vital amino acids that ensure our body’s well-being.

About Essential Amino Acids
Proteins can be complete or partial. Partial proteins provide our body with the necessary materials in order to make a part of the amino acids it needs. There are eight types of amino acids that we need in our meals. They are known as the crucial amino acids.

Tears Can Be Used To Test Blood Sugar In Diabetics

Tears Can Be Used To Test Blood Sugar In Diabetics
Tears Can Be Used To Test Blood Sugar In Diabetics 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Tears for diabetes test 

Until now, blood was used in diabetes testing machines to evaluate the blood sugar level of patients. Latest studies have now shown that tears can also used effectively to evaluate blood sugar levels. The study was conducted by University of Michigan researchers and the study was published in Analytical Chemistry journal. When studies were conducted on animals in laboratory, tears were found to give an accurate measure of blood sugar level. The device used for testing was an electrochemical sensor.

Sensory Integration And Autism Swings

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Autism is a neurological disorder most knowingly characterized by impaired social communicative abilities and repetitive behaviors.  One of the lesser known symptoms of autism is problems with sensory integration, and in particular vestibular sensory integration.  Sensory integration is the process of taking in all of the various changing environmental stimuli, such as taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and balance, and making them vibe with our knowledge of the world.  Vestibular motions, or those associated with balance, include running, jumping, swinging, doing cartwheels, crawling, etc.  Due to the overwhelming stimuli presented by the world around them, many autistic children will have underdeveloped vestibular senses, as they will choose to retreat rather than face the scary, ever-changing world of overwhelming vestibular movement.

Physical Therapy For Knees

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Peak Fitness reports that arthroscopic knee surgery is often unnecessary, and may be one of the most un-needed surgeries performed today. About 510,000 people in the United States undergo arthroscopic knees surgery every year. Osteoarthritis of the knee is the leading cause for knee surgery, however new research indicates physical therapy may be just as good as surgery.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative join disease. The cartilage that covers the ends of the knees bones deteriorates causing bone to rub against bone resulting in pain. Arthroscopic knee surgery is also routinely performed for patients who suffer a torn meniscus, a structure that acts as a cushion within the knee. Yet, physical therapy has proven to be an equally effective treatment here as well.

Mens Journal says patients who experience knee pain should try physical therapy, rather than simply opting for surgery. A recent study published by the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that physical therapy is often just as effective for healing meniscal tears as going under the knife. Consider that recovery from surgery is typically slow and painful it just makes sense to try therapy first, unless of course the situation clearly warrants surgery.