Acne Skin Care Tips for the Summertime

Skin CareThe best season of the year is considered to be summer as the weather is quite warm and the days are really long. However, summertime could also give rise to oily skin, breakouts and blackheads.

By making some alteration in the routine of your skin care, you could maintain your skin quiet well and it will appear to be fresh and look great all through the summer.

Restrain Oil

Humidity and heat could make the oil glands perform more than required. You could restrain oiliness by washing the face at least twice with the foaming cleanser. But if the skin gets very oily, then you could opt for the midday cleansing as well.

However, the skin should not be cleaned that frequently as well. For few people, cleansing the skin ones a day would be more than enough. If you keep cleansing it frequently then there are chances that it might destroy your skin’s protective wall, causing more irritation and dryness and finally worsen breakouts.

Few of the dermatologists suggest to let the cleanser be left over your skin for some seconds before you actually rinse it off. You could even opt for oil sucking clay mask and this could be used for few number of times in a week. But you should immediately avoid using it, if you see excessive dryness and irritation.

Lighten up the Moisturizer

If you were making use of excessive emollient during winters, then summers would be a perfect time for you to lighten up the moisturizer. You will notice that you won’t be requiring the same amount of moisturizer in summers for maintaining the acne treatment dryness. Buy one labelled oil free and noncomedogenic. Keep in mind that the creams are heavier than the moisturizing lotions.

Lighten Up

A fine sunscreen should be used daily

Most of the ache medications (such as BenazaClin and Retin – A) could make the skin even more sensitive to sun, so to avoid this, a sunscreen should be used. No one would like to have a sun damaged or bad burnt skin. Moreover tanning is considered to be quite harmful for the skin. Tanning may cause premature aging, sun damage or even risk of skin cancer.


Opt for an oil free, noncomedogenic sun screen which is of SPF 30 or SPF 15. You could even go for a coloured sunscreen that provides you a fine coverage and you may not require foundation makeup. These could prove to be best suited for teen boys and men who want to moderate the acne linked redness.

Whenever you sweat extremely, you should immediately go for a shower.

Sweat could actually irritate acne. So it’s best to take a shower after you have been sweating or after exercise. Buy a body wash which has salicylic acid, only when you are prone to benzoyl peroxide or blackheads. Other excellent (without a prescription) ingredients are resorcinol and sulphur. If you thoroughly wash away your sweat then you could help in reducing severity of the breakouts.


At the time of humidity and heat, you might be extremely prone to acne mechanica. This develops when your skin faces too much of heat and athletic equipments, roughness of cloths, etc. So it is better to wear cotton cloths in summer.

Take extra care of skin during summers because your are worth it!

Acne Skin Care Tips for the Summertime
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