Anxiety And Depression – Are They The Same Mental Condition?

Similarity between anxiety and depression 

Human mind is a very complex and the least understood of all body organs. There are a number of diseases or disorders of the brain that doctors and scientists do not understand because of the complexities involved. Two of the most common commons of the mind are anxiety and depression. They are similar in some ways and different in many other ways. Further, they are both interlinked entities and one is usually the cause of the other.

A lot of people who suffer depression usually tend to suffer anxiety disorder as well if the depression is not treated in the early stages. Similarly, a person who suffers from anxiety disorder tends to get depressed as well. This is the reason why the two conditions are often considered one. The treatment for both the processes is same as well. Both require use of antidepressants and counseling therapies. Another major similarity between the two is in the symptoms. Sweating, fear, increase in the rate of heartbeat and sleeplessness are common to both.

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Differences between anxiety and depression

 There is a slight difference between depression and anxiety. When a person is depressed, he is sad, lonely, introverted, withdrawn, despaired and in general, feels hopeless. He also suffers from a severe downfall of self esteem and self confidence. On the other hand, a person who is anxious feels an unconditional fear, anger and nervousness in addition to all the emotions related to depression. Anxiety disorder can lead to further problems such as schizophrenia.

Treatment methods for anxiety and depression 

Largely, the treatment course for both the problems is the same, which is why they are usually taken to be one mental disorder. In fact, these two conditions are more emotional and psychological. They involve several sessions of counseling and therapy for anxiety treatment. Group therapies are very important part of treatment. Patients are also made mentally strong so that they do not slip back into depression at the slightest provocation.

Professional help in required 

When a person suffers both depression and anxiety conditions, he or she is severely crippled in the mind. Psychiatric care is necessary in order to get them back on the normal track. The first step in treatment is acceptance. It is important that the person accepts his problem and tries to overcome it. Willingness to get better can accelerate the curing and treatment process in a much better manner. In severe cases, people who suffer depression and anxiety end up committing suicide.

Anxiety And Depression – Are They The Same Mental Condition?
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