Avoid Prepackaged and Refrigerated Dough

Refrigerated Prepackaged ProductsFresh food is always considered a good source for all the essential nutrients. Now-a-days nestle is producing refrigerated cookie dough and it is very popular among all of us. But it is always advised not to eat such prepackaged dough and other products. These should be avoided as otherwise we have a risk of getting contaminated by the bacteria named E-coli O157:H7. This bacterium can cause food borne illness.

It is strongly advised that if any of the people is already having these products in their homes they should better throw them away or while cooking this dough they may get their hands affected by this bacterium.

E-coli O157:H7 can leave a person with diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramp and sometimes kidney damage and may even lead us to death.

FDA advises all the consumers that they should not buy such products which need to be cooked or baked before their intake. Consumers must avoid refrigerated and prepackaged dough and other products.

Avoid Prepackaged and Refrigerated Dough
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