Breastfeeding protects children from SIDS

It has been founded that, breastfeeding reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), German researchers stated.

Researcher advised that public health messages which are providing awareness about the SIDS risk reduction should highlight the mother to breastfeed their babies at least for the first six months.

Some countries are already emphasizing on the breastfeeding in their Anti-SIDS campaigns, while most are not. The objective of this study was to reconfirm that the breastfeeding, in real means, protect infants from SIDS.


The specific study included 333 children who died because of SIDS and 998 age-matched “control” kids.

After the fifteen days of birth control infants were being breastfed in comparison with 50 percent of SIDS infants. At the age of one month, resultant rate was 72 verses 40 percent respectively.

Exclusive breastfeeding of one month reduce the risk of SIDS in half while partial also tied to a reduced risk although the reduction was not up to the mark.

These results authenticate the breastfeeding as the greatest risk reducer of the SIDS and kid remain protected as long as breastfeeding continues. The researchers concluded

Breastfeeding protects children from SIDS
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