Cigarette Packaging Still Misleading Smokers

Cigarette PackagingMany countries have banned light as well as low tar cigarettes. However there still are products that may still be misleading people from smoking. Studies show that there are those cigarettes that lower health risks but in effect they don’t.There are many countries promoting some of the “better” cigarettes. But they are no worse either. Words like “smooth” and “silver” are even there to influence the customers’ psyche just like anything labeled low fat. These are just marketing ploys which still remain present at the cost of mass health. Journal of Public Health suggest that these information are always evidently misleading.

The current status also demands greater regulations of cigarette smoking and selling which do not get adhered to in the long run. Plain packaging or logo free packing could be one of the reasons how this can be stopped. Davis Hammond and Carla Parkinson of University of Waterloo, Ohio, stated that they require this plain action to be effective in order to take charge of overall health state.

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