Exercise provides health benefits even in old age

People who don’t take regular physical exercise till the age of 50 may still benefit from physical workout but the results take further ten years to appear, Swedish researchers said.


A study conducted upon the 2,205 men for the span of 20 year started from the age of 50, presented that exercise have no effect on the premature death before ten years for those who started exercises, late in life.

“Everybody knows, physical exercise provide many health benefits to the young people but first time any study showed that old people can also get health benefits from physical workout. Its not too late to start.” Liisa Byberg said.

Researchers divided the participants into three groups (low medium and high) on the basis of intensity of exercises. Half of the volunteers reported high level of exertion almost equivalent to three sports or gardening each week.

About one third engaged themselves in the moderate activities like cycling or walking remaining participant did little or absolutely no exercise.

With respect to researchers’ predication, most of the inactive and least active people died within the five years of the study, but after ten years the death rate was similar in the people who started exercises after 50 and high active group.

“Quit smoking also have the similar effects but more research is required to find out the exact amount of exercise that provide health benefits in real mean,” researcher stated

Exercise provides health benefits even in old age
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