Happy Couples Sleep better at Night

Couples SleepingIs it true and real that happy couples sleep well at night? Research proves everything and it is also proved that relationship satisfaction as well as sleep has some connection amongst them.

Lately, there was a survey taken place that includes about 29 couples who were childless. All the couples were asked to make and complete their sleep diaries for about one week as well as to also have some sort of record of their connections amongst themselves for about 6 days in that same week.

Most of the men who had good sleep also stated and mentioned good quality and happy relationship quality, means good sleep is linked with better and positive relation with their partners. Women stated that daytime connections with their partners resulted in poor quality of sleep especially on that night both for the males along with females as well.

Happy and positive relation does matter a lot in good sleep at night amongst happy couples.

Happy Couples Sleep better at Night
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