Health Tip: Comforting Separation Anxiety

Parental-Love1No one can deny the fact that parental love is the most sensitive and appealing love that one gets in his/her life. Your mom and dad are the two persons who care for you irrespective of how old you are. It is because of this strong bonding it is often to part from them even if it is for work or going to school or even during a parental date night. Though this time interval is small it is the most painful and stressful period that can have a strong influence on one’s character and behavior. Here are a few tips from Rotary International on how to separating from your child with minimum stress to both you and your child.

Do not practice the habit of separating from your child, leaving your small ones with a sitter. This may only add fuel to the fire. The younger your child during these separations the more he/she matures and will get used to these.


All of sudden do not move away from your child for a month or so. Start separating slowly and gradually to build up the tolerance. You may be away for a gap of day or so making the child tolerant to the separation.

Make sure you choose a proper care giver and also ensure that your child is fed properly and he or she takes proper rest in your absence.


When ever possible, make you young ones in a familiar environment.

It is always a better idea to device a plan or a ritual for separating from your child. This will prove useful if things go well according to the plan.

Changing the caregiver frequently will make your child feel bad. So use the same caregiver each time you separate from child and also introduce your child in advance to the caregiver.

You must be calm and relaxed and you should not drag your good byes. It is your responsibility to convince your child that you shall be back. To achieve this you must not panic and stay steady when moving away.

Health Tip: Comforting Separation Anxiety
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