Holistic Practices for Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Alternative therapies and holistic practices  are always great for maintaining high Hair Growthhealth and great looks. You will have great skin and hair when you are focused on your well being from inside out. For increased hair growth some of the best vitamins are Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, B3 and B5. Hair loss occurs due to many factors but particularly with the absence of these Vitamins in diet. Other than B and E vitamins biotin, sulfur, zinc, inositol, folic acid and magnesium are really important for good hair growth. Vitamin B5, B6 and B3 or pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and niacin are really important for overall luxuriant hair that you might be missing otherwise.

You may take your look for granted and would not even know that you could produce such a wonderful crop of hair! But one can seriously maximize one’s hair growing potential through the addition of these vitamins as a form of supplement to one’s current diet. The diet should however be, as much as possible, free from junk food or processed foods. Whole foods are really the way to go along with ditching the caffeine. If you continue taking in creepy caffeine you would not see the results of the supplements as most caffeine high bodies are unable to absorb nutrition from food or additional nutrients.


For really fast actions on hair growth there is no magic bullet other than the inclusion of hair extensions. There are however different ways through which one can grow hair from the roots but this takes time and adjustment of lifestyle and does not come overnight. Along with the above mentioned Vitamin sources and minerals there are certain amino acids which must not be neglected for purpose of growing hair. So even if you have B Vitamins you would not get the benefits unless you take Biotin and nutrient rich inositol.

Vitamin E

Not having water or inadequate hydration or lack of calcium can even get you deprived of long hair. So to be sure one must take an additional high Vitamin E and B supplement. Biotin rich fruits and leafy green vegetables also provide enough fodder for a great volume of mane. Restoration of hair or rediscovering the beauty of your hair is thus more of an inside work rather than outward application.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids are also some of the most important items in giving you great looking hair. EFAs present in evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, fish oil, etc. These are great for hair as well as skin health. Since the human body cannot produce these fats it is important to have supplements through these sources. These prevent dryness and brittle nature of hair and will help you get the desired lush in hair.

Vitamin A

Large doses of Vitamin A may even trigger greater hair loss. Deficiencies with Vitamin A are going to lead the same result as well but overdoing will definitely lead to hair loss. Balance nutritional intake will however correct this problem. Raw thymus can also balance the hair as does having coconuts (oil, extract or anything).


Nutritional yeast, bran, cauliflower, peas, beans as well as most nuts contain B Vitamins that help you get results. Other than measuring everyday you can be content with an overall supplement of these as well. Inositol also happens to be one of the most important sources for hair growth that can be taken twice daily.

Holistic Practices for Hair Growth
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