Sun Burn Indicating Device

A new device has been developed by the researchers that indicate about the sunburn by turning to an appropriate shade of pink hence alerts the wearer. The thin film device warns its wearer that they could have a possibility of getting the destructive dosage of ultraviolet rays. It’s easy to carry and can be worn as wrist band.


The phenomenon involved a chemical reaction, triggered by UV rays; the reaction which takes place in the indicator releases an acid into a dye and turns the color. There are many other devices which are already present in the market but the new device has the unique quality of giving the prompt signal when damage is about to done by sun exposure.

The researcher who invented the device has made a model of the film; he combined a dye which turns its color step by step from yellow to blue, and a middle strip of dye that changes its color to pink. This point gives you the warning to leave the sunny place because after that your skin will be burnt.

It could be a great invention which will tend people to take care of their skin, but there is a need of further research to ensure its effectiveness in the actual life circumstances.

Sun Burn Indicating Device
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