The Importance of Fiber in a Healthy Body Building Plan

Healthy Body Building PlanFor long term success in having a healthy body fiber must play a key role. Fiber helps the body absorb and digest the nutrients and also increase the metabolic level of the body. Body builder nutritionist Lee Labrada tells all his clients about the key factor that fiber helps them with.

Whole foods are the best way through which you can expect to get nutrition into your body. That is also one of the reasons why it is better to have whole grains over normal breads. It is also a good idea to have sprouted breads or sour multigrain breads that are available than have anything else. Nutritionists promote the idea of smootheing over juicing as smoothies provide you with essential bulk and fiber that makes for a healthy body. You can expect increased circulation and a speedy metabolism to take over to provide you the bulk of fiber. Meat over vegetables has greater fibers and that is a positive point to note.

Cramming in as much food as possible for increasing your fiber intake is not at all a health option of course. So increasing your smoothie intake that has all the regular proteins, super food supplements plus some whole vegetables and fruits make for a comprehensive meal. This is also easy to make with some plans provided by your nutritionist.

Healthy  Fiber

Also it is better to have cooked or steamed whole grains with lots and lots of vegetables to increase fiber in your body. Fiber may be one of the items that the body is not getting enough and if your blood sugar spikes and you develop any sort of insulin resistance then it becomes even more important to check in the fiber amount. So it is always better to have the whole fruits rather than the juice. Contrary to many false medicinal practices diabetes increases on having the higher sugar fruits only or the concentrated fruit juices.


There are still many many high fiber fruits that one can have, including bananas, mangoes and berries that actually help with your fiber intake. Mangoes, Indian blackberries and blueberries are in fact some of the top fruits used to cure diabetes. Fiber thus comes as a primary focus for a well rounded body building plan.

High Fiber Fruits

It also becomes crucial to have fiber in order to increase your chances and overall strategy to be able to stick to your diet pattern. A diet that is low on bulk will definitely keep you feeling hungry and it would not be that easy to stick to the plan. It also gives you strength and increases your muscle strength by enabling you to do heavier tasks.


If you are a woman and are into weight lifting then you sure need higher fiber. You are not going to bulk up as long as you don’t take the hormone supplements or the protein supplements meant for men. So it is always a good idea to keep your systems flowing on fresh raw or whole food high fibers.

The Importance of Fiber in a Healthy Body Building Plan
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