To Prevent First Graders From Aggression, Relation With Teachers Should Be Good

Control aggression in first graders

Latest researches have revealed that a good way to control aggression in children is to let them maintain good relationship with teachers. This is supposed to be the strongest protection that children can get against aggressive behavioral traits. The study was carried out by team of researchers from the University of Quebecin collaboration with the University of Alabama, Laval University, University College Dublin and University of Montreal. The lead researcher of the study Mara Brendgen said that aggression in children is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors and both factors operate jointly. 

The study 

For the study, the researchers considered 217 twins. Both identical and fraternal twins were studied. The age considered was seven. Twins were considered so as to study genetic and environmental influences more deeply because twins share genetics. The twins were put in different classes and had different teachers.

This also gave each of the twin different classmates. Behavioral ratings were given by teachers for the twins. The ratings were considered to study and estimate the influence of classroom conditions on aggressive behavior.

Results of the study 

It was found that teachers had a profound influence on the behavior of children. Children who were genetically inclined to be aggressive were also tamed down and depicted good behavior when relation with teacher was good. According to Brendgen, an affectionate relationship with teachers was the key to good behavior in children. Open communication between teachers and students is also critical factor in determining behavior of children. Peer influence plays a major role as well. She also said that children who were inclined to be aggressive were also recipients of aggressive behavior from classmates. An open talk with the teacher can help in controlling aggressiveness.


Authors concluded by saying that teachers need to make a special effort to encourage open communication with children. Since the study proved conclusively that twins who shared genetic roots and were inclined to behaving in a certain manner could also behave differently when exposed to different classroom conditions. While friends to have an influence on aggression, it is the teachers who have the most critical influence. Teachers should also evaluate the behavior of every child and maintain good terms so that aggressive traits can be removed from a child’s character. Reporting aggressive classroom behavior to parents also helps parents take further steps towards treatment.

To Prevent First Graders From Aggression, Relation With Teachers Should Be Good
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