Vasectomy Rising with Falling Economy

The procedures of vasectomies have greatly increased since the economic downturn started last year, doctors from all around the U.S reported.


Doctors suspect that there are two possible reasons which are forcing them to take such step, one is the diminishing desire of children because of the expanses, second could possibly that people want to undergo such surgeries before the end of their jobs and health insurance.

Dr. Goldstein narrated that he used to perform one or rarely two procedures of vasectomy but now he is doing the three on each Friday which is a really significant increase.

Majority of the men claimed that they were already thinking about it but the recession persuaded their decision. They said that with three children it’s hard to meet the expenses at this time and they can’t effort nay more. Dr. Harry Fisch said most of the people are now aware of the situations and if the finances are the key concern this is the right time to make decision.

The trend has been set since November 2008 but in the last couple of months a boost has been notice in the vasectomies. Dr. Stephen Jones explained that the average case in the past was not exceeding from 45 but now they have reached at the level of 75 in a week. People are also showing the concern about the loss of their health insurance and before the end of the policy they want to take the advantage.

Vasectomy Rising with Falling Economy
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