Diet for Malabsorption Syndrome

What is malabsorption syndrome?

Malabsorption syndrome is the deficiency of the body to absorb variable degrees of number of nutrients like vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The malabsorption syndrome causes ill health, anemia and steatorrhea.

The malabsorption syndrome can occur due to some of the following factors. Due to gluten sensitivity, diffuse of small bowel mucosal injury, tuberculosis and other diseases involving the wall of the small bowel, parasitic infections, short circuiting of the bowel, decrease in the amount of the bile salts and use of the laxative drugs.


Diet for malabsorption syndrome

For the persons having malabsorption syndrome, a small peptide based diet may be beneficial. Wheat is one of the enemies for malabsorption syndrome and hence it should be avoided. Oats can be added to the diet as it may help a lot with the syndrome. Always a high protein diet is given to correct the mal nutrition of the proteins.

Along with the high nutrition diet, supplements like tetracycline and other antibiotics can also be used to make a quick recovery. The food items for a gluten free diet are given as follows. The permitted food substances are cereals like oats, rice, maize, ragi and bajra, all types of pulses available, all fresh vegetables, meat stuffs like chicken meat, fish and other meats, egg, potatoes, all fresh fruits, all types of fresh vegetable and curry soups.

The substances that include a gluten free diet may also include milk and milk products, dairy and dairy products, sweets, beverages like aerated water, pepsi, coke, tea and coffee and extra additives like garlic, vinegar and giner.

The food substances that should be excluded from the diet are the substances that are made from wheat like chappaties, bread, biscuits and biscuits. All the food substances that we buy from outside whether readymade or raw should be checked for wheat content. If there are no specifications about the products, then it must be strictly avoided.

Here is a sample diet for a person from the morning to night. For the breakfast, fruit juices, cornflakes, butter and jam can be consumed for the western type of diet and for the vegetarian, it can be fruit juice, flaked rice or bajra chappaties.

For lunch, roast lamb, salad, minted peas and an apple can be consumed for the western culture. For the vegetarian, it can be baked potato, rice and dal, lady’s finger and fruits. For the dinner, for the western diet, it can be homemade soup, smoked fish, cabbage rice and jelly and for the vegetarian diet, it can be homemade soup, vegetable curry and boiled potato and rice pudding. Following a strict diet of the above can lead to a quick recovery from the malabsorption syndrome.

Diet for Malabsorption Syndrome
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