11 people charged in Detroit painkiller scam

Detroit-PainkillerThe story making headlines in Detroit is the scam on the sale of pain killers in the streets. The number of Oxy Contin painkillers that had been disbursed for sale in the street was valued at more than five million dollars. The eleven people who have been alleged to be involved in the scheme were arraigned in court for judgment.

The painkillers that were recovered in the hands of the culprits were bottles of cough syrup, were it not for the crackdown the distribution of the drugs would have continued. The 11 people charged were in a ploy to defraud the Medicare program by procuring the painkillers and selling them illegally.

Quick Response Medical Professionals is a business that was liable for paying people to make fake calls and show up for check ups, in a gimmick to get doctors to prescribe painkillers. Once the drugs were acquired they were sold in the streets. The culprits will face harsh charges.OxyContin is one drug that was involved in the scandal, it is an addictive drug and if mishandled it can cause dangers of a drug like heroin. Medicare was defrauded and they believe justice will be served by punishing the culprits.

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