TV Addiction may Increase Asthma Risk in Children

A new research is alarming for the parents whose children spend much time before TV. The researchers observed that the children who are habitual to watching television for more than two hours daily had a greater tendency to fall a prey to asthma.


To evaluate the health of this concept, the researchers studied the respiratory health of more than 3, 000 children who were monitored from their birth to the age of 11.5 years.

The researchers critically examined the wheezing symptoms in the TV addicted children and the diagnosis by doctor. To measure the effect of sedentary behavior, the time spent before television is also noted.

It was also found that both the genders had the same tendency of developing asthma. The children, who spend more time before TV and remain inactive, are at a doubled risk to develop asthma as compared to those who spend less time.

The fact was surprising for the researchers to note that the children who spend a lot of time had clear and obvious symptoms of developing the chronic illness of wheezing or asthma while the children who though had been growing asthma yet did not showed up the symptoms of the disease.

TV Addiction may Increase Asthma Risk in Children
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