Alcohol Consumption In Women Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer

Alcohol increases risk of breast cancer in women 

Latest studies have revealed that alcohol consumption can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Women who drink more than three drinks per week are more exposed to the risk when compared to those who consume a couple. The age of the woman also plays a role in determining breast cancer risk associated with alcohol.

Middle age is relatively safer. Alcohol consumption in younger ages and when a woman crosses fifty can marginally increase the risk of cancer. Although studies have been carried out regarding the effects of high alcohol consumption, the effects of lower consumption have not been studied. The study also lays emphasis on the effect that the time in adult life has on cancer risk due to alcohol consumption.

The study 

The present study aims at studying the relation between age of the woman, patterns of alcohol consumption, quantity of consumption and frequency of consumption on risk of cancer. The study was led by Wendy Y. Chen from the Brigham and Woman’ Hospital and BostonHarvardMedicalSchool. The team of researchers studied women for a period of 27 years ranging from 1980 to 2007. A total of 105,986 women were studies. The chance of having invasive breast cancer was evaluated by the team based on eight latest alcohol assessments.

Result of the study 

It was found that in the follow up period of the study, breast cancer was diagnosed in 7690 women. Low amount of alcohol consumption led to an increase in the risk of breast cancer by 15%. These women partook 5g to 9.9g of alcohol everyday on an average. In those who consumed higher amounts in the range of 30g per day, it was found that the risk of cancer increased by 51%. This was in comparison with women who never consumed alcohol.

Other factors

It was found that women between the ages of 18 and 40 were less prone to developing cancer due to alcohol consumption while those below and above this age range were at higher risk. It was also found that binge drinking increases risk of cancer. Small amounts consumed daily were found to be less dangerous than binge drinking. Researchers said that the manner in which alcohol causes cancer is yet to be discovered. The reason that is most probable is that alcohol disturbs hormonal balance in the body and triggers development of cancer cells. However, an occasional glass of red wine is said to protect the body against cancer due to the antioxidants present in the fermented grape juice.

Alcohol Consumption In Women Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer
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