Allegro Medical Catheters: Five Customer Favorites

A catheter is a hollow, flexible tube that is inserted into a body cavity through a narrow opening in the body. Catheters are used to drain fluids such as urine away from the body. They are also used to inject fluids into the body during a catheterization procedure.

Medical catheters are typically sterile products to prevent infection in the body or at the insertion site. Since 1996, Allegro Medical Supplies has been offering significant discounts for quality medical catheters of every type. Allegro Medical Supplies is a leader in online sales of medical equipment and home healthcare products. Based in Illinois, the American company has operated online since the mid-1990s. The company has a reputation for providing high-quality medical supplies at affordable discounted prices. Most orders ship the same day, and a monthly delivery service ensures that customers get their regular supplies on time.

Allegro medical catheters and related supplies are high-quality medical products. More than 100 catheter brands are featured on the company website. Allegro sells external catheters, Foley catheters, intermittent catheters, lubricants, irrigation solutions, insertion kits, leg bags, tubing, connectors and other catheter accessories.

The Coloplast intermittent catheter, Dover intermittent catheter, WideBand male external catheter, UltraFlex male external catheter and Bardia Foley catheter are the top five catheters on, based on customer satisfaction.

Coloplast Intermittent Catheter
The Coloplast intermittent catheter is a straight-tip catheter for women. It is one of the top selling catheter products from Allegro Medical Supplies. The Coloplast catheter is a latex-free product with fire-polished eyelets. A silicone coating allows for a smooth insertion. This catheter is available with a funnel end or a Luer end. Allegro sells Coloplast female catheters in various sizes and colors, both individually and in boxes of 30.

Dover Intermittent Catheter
The Dover Rob-Nel intermittent catheter is latex-free and eliminates skin irritation. The sterile catheter is made from a PVC material. It is designed with two staggered eyes, a rounded tip and tapered funnel end. offers Dover catheters in several sizes. They are sold individually and in cases of 100.

WideBand Male External Catheter
The WideBand catheter is a specially designed male external catheter. Patented adhesive placement and an expanded adhesive area prevents urine migration and buildup around the penis. A clear sheath allows for easy visual inspection, and a kink-free design enables continuous urine flow. Allegro Medical Supplies sells the WideBand male catheter in several diameter sizes to ensure safety, security and comfort.

UltraFlex Male External Catheter
The UltraFlex male external catheter is latex-free and eliminates latex-associated skin irritations. The clear catheter allows visual inspection of the skin without catheter removal. A special adhesive provides a reliable bond, and a kink-proof funnel ensures uninterrupted urine flow. offers the UltraFlex male catheter in five diameter sizes for comfort, fit and reliability.

Bardia Foley Catheter
The Bardia two-way Foley catheter from Bard is a silicone-coated latex catheter that resists moisture. The special coating provides comfort and protection against urethral irritation. The catheter has a smooth tip to further reduce irritation. This high-quality catheter is designed for comfort and includes a 5cc balloon. Allegro Medical Supplies sells Bard Foley catheters individual and in boxes of 12.

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