AP IMPACT: $2.5B spent, no alternative med cures

Tapas_Acupressure_TechniqueIt is rather disappointing to hear that none of the herbal and alternative health remedies have seem to provide the required results after spending more than $2.5 billion in knowing and practicing these techniques. There where lot of alternative remedies including Echinacea for cold, Glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis, Ginkgo biloba for memory, saw palmetto for prostrate problems, Shark cartilage for cancer problems. None of these proved effective and are north really worth for the money spent on them.

Some of the remedies that proved to be ok include acupuncture, yoga and meditation and other relaxation methods. These techniques seemed to work as it relieved the stress and strain and made people feel young and active. There has also been research going on treatments that use the purported energy conditions, distance healing and other remedies that have an scientific evidence. Though it is necessary to look for alternative remedy the government should be selective and more skeptical in choosing techniques to test as this could save lot of money and result in more research being carried out. The survey showed that government had spent more than $2.5B to just find out that none of these alternatives work and this has made critics question about the efficiency of the research to predict the feasibility and the efficiency of a given technique.

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