Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk for Women

Bariatric SurgeryStudies have shown that obese women have reduced their risk for getting cancer by undergoing bariatric surgery.  This is a kind of weight loss surgery that greatly reduces the risk of developing cancer at any stage. This surgery only applies to women who have a BMI of 35 or higher or under medical advice only. Others choose Lipo suction surgery to treat obesity. According to a Swedish research you only need to bother if you are chronically obese and suffer from obesity related problems in your health.

Obesity overall increases your risk of getting cancer. There are different types of carcinogenic developments and some maybe really linked with obesity. About 14% of cancer deaths in men and women are obesity related. Among these 14% around 20% are women. So women seem to be at a higher risk than men.

This is background information that indeed needs looking through in trying to assess what could be going haywire here. Obesity reduction thus gets major props for overall health management.

Metabolic Bariatric Surgery

The Swedish Obesity research really gets in to the subject of obesity determination, their causes and effects among myriad people around the world, considering their background, lifestyle and other details. Here the link with obesity and cancer is quite prominent and conducive through a lot of cultures around the world.

Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk for Women
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