Bigger babies drawing concern from researchers

After obese American kids and adults, bigger babies are also becoming the pivot of attentiveness for the researchers.

According to the recent study, 59 percent of the American babies, up to six month old, are overweight than the babies, who were born twenty years ago.

Thought the heavy babies look cute and healthier but parents should take measures to prevent obesity at the initial days of the babies’ life, warning issued by health experts. So the matter of concern is not only the infant weights but it also includes the weight of mother and her weight gain during the course of pregnancy.


“More weight gain of mother during pregnancy than the recommended has been associated with the high odds of childhood obesity.” Dr. Christine M. Olson said.

Olson followed the 208 pregnant women and found that extra weight gain, from 25 to 35 pounds, during pregnancy, increases the risk of obesity in children at the age of three.

In the women who gained weight during the early pregnancy, the forty percent of the children get obese at the age of three and just 24 percent born with the normal weight gain during pregnancy. The risk was ever highest with the women who were overweight before the conception.

“Indeed obese or overweight mothers normally have overweight neonates. Gestational diabetes is also a risk factor for the childhood obesity. Even the health of father helps to predict that either the baby should be overweight or not,” Dr. Frank R. Greer, a professor of pediatrics said.

Bigger babies drawing concern from researchers
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