Common Incontinence Products and Supplies

Products for Incontinence
This is a topic that most people are shy to discuss in the public. As one starts aging, they may begin to show signs of this problem, but most of them try to hide this fact, due to the embarrassment it causes in public.

The cause of incontinence
Incontinence is actually a condition in which one loses the control over the urinary bladder, thereby causing a sudden out-rush of urine, either when you sneeze or even as u walk. This is mostly found in men and women alike, who are entering the stages of old age. This is mostly followed by an urge to go to the toilet in the middle of something, which can be totally embarrassing at times!

If this has been noticed in your parent’s habits or is even happening with you, it would be advisable to consult a doctor immediately. This is because, if this disease has affected you, it can be treated and the issue can be solved if you consult a doctor at the right time.

There are many factors that cause this disease. Some of the most common factors are:

  • Excessive coffee or fluid intake.
  • Taking medicines for high blood pressure, heart problems, muscle relaxation etc.
  • Intake of artificially sweetened food items, extra spicy food etc.

incontinence products supplies

Consulting a doctor can help you get an idea about the diet that should be followed. He can also guide you on exercises that can help you get bladder control. Another option would be to use the incontinence supplies available in the market.

Popular products for incontinence
Some of the most popular incontinence supplies are adult briefs, under pads etc. each of these products can be easily obtained from any medical store or from the internet. If you are placing an order through the internet, the best advantage is that you don’t have to be worried about other people coming to know about your condition ! Such online companies respect your concerns and ship the packages in brown colored packages, which makes them look just like any normal package!

The adult briefs are used to collect the urine that comes out all of a sudden. There were such products in the older times too, but they were quite noisy and not much absorbent. The newer ones, on the other hand, are very protective. They have good absorbing powers and light weight, thus making it comfortable for the person wearing it. There are briefs of many styles and absorbency levels available in the market today, to suit the requirements of every individual.

The Under pads are also common products used for incontinence, and they protect the furniture, bedding etc from getting wet. They are thin, comfortable and very absorbent too. Some types can even be washed and reused! These pads are put between the person and the bed. The people having this problem must make sure that they always use things like the washcloths, moisturizers, cleansing lotions, protective gloves etc to keep themselves neat and tidy, and moreover, germs free.

Common Incontinence Products and Supplies
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