Diet for Constipation

What is constipation?

Constipation is a phenomenon, which is characterized by infrequent and incomplete evacuation of the stools. It is the disorder of the intestine and is a very commonly occurring disorder. Due to the propulsion of the fecal matter, bowel evacuation occurs. One stool a day is very essential for a healthy person but there are some cases where a person moves on the third day and still remain healthy.


In the western culture, three stools in a week are considered to be healthy and normal. The bowel movement in the stomach depends on the diet. The weight of the stool may vary from person to person depending on the type of diet that the person has consumed.

Diet for constipation

For the management of constipation, diet management is very necessary. The calories and proteins should be taken as per the standard requirements. Fats help a lot in stimulating the flow of the bile and it also helps in lubricating the bowel. Food substances like butter and ghee can be consumed by the persons who are lean as it may beneficial.


Carbohydrates can supply adequate bulk. It can be availed from consuming vegetables and fresh fruits that are rich in cellulose that are non-absorbable. Unrefined cereals that contain bran can also supply bulk. Bananas and dried fruits like dates and apricot can supply bulk in persons who are lean. In some patients food substances that are rich in vitamin B are given to increase the bowel function.

For some semi starved patients, minerals are necessary to prevent constipation. Each day a minimum of ten to twelve glasses of water is necessary. A warm drink in the early morning with empty stomach will help a lot to evacuate the bowel. Fiber diet is very much important. The fiber diet absorbs the water hence increasing the bulk of the stool. The fiber diet also increases propulsion with peristaltic waves and also softens the stool.

The fiber content in the food can be achieved by increasing or adding vegetables and fruits with the diet. Even if these fiber diets do not relieve constipation, extra wheat bran can be added to the diet. The food items that are acceptable for a person with constipation are as follows. Bread, made of wheat, cereals, brown rice, vegetables, salad, pasta, meat, eggs, condiments, pastry, sweets and fresh fruits are the food substances that are considered to be normal.

A glass of warm water or any drink in the early morning should be taken. For the breakfast, stewed figs, corn flakes or chappaties can be consumed. For lunch, cooked vegetables with rice can be consumed. For the dinner chicken, rice or chappaties are acceptable and before going to bed, a cup of milk is preferable.

Diet for Constipation
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