Healthy Living Style Can Help Preventing Several Cancers

A recent research has revealed that if one adopts a healthier living standard, the risk of developing several cancers can be reduced. The researchers have observed that balanced diets, weight control and exercise can act as prevention keys against many cancers.


The research is conducted by 23 experts who studied 12 common cancers along with the relevant data on diet, weight and exercise, to analyze the contribution of these factors in the development of mouth, lung, kidney, gallbladder and some of the other cancers. Findings disclosed by the research, showed how healthier living could have prevented about one third of the most common cancers.

In America, the same improving diet, weight control and exercise would put a stop to 12 most common cancers including stomach, prostate, and pancreas, womb and esophagus tumors. The results complement the study conducted in 2007 which demonstrated the significance of growing and eating factors in cancer development.

“Most of the cancers are preventable”, said researchers. Like other experts, from health departments and U.N Health Organization, they also urged the people to adopt the diets based on vegetables, fruits and whole grains with a lower ratio of dairy products, fats and red meats.

As representatives of low-and middle-income countries, the research team also took the notice of China and Brazil.

Healthy Living Style Can Help Preventing Several Cancers
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