Immune Therapies Finally Working against Cancer

Dr. Patrick Hwu,Great news!

After several years of battle, lives that had taken, family agonies and series of trial and error all to fight the “big C”… medical world seems now found a way to finally cure cancer.

Cancer patients can now get away of agonizing surgery, chemotherapy radiation exposure in treating cancer cells.

Thanks to the team of experts headed by Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of the American Cancer Society we can now eliminate the name of cancer with the most dreaded disease list.

They had now developed a Cancer vaccine that would treat cancer instead of preventing it.

“I don’t know what we did differently to make the breakthrough,” said Dr. Len Lichtenfeld.

The miraculous vaccine was discovered after they had the successful experiment for three types of cancers. The prostate, the often fatal childhood tumor called neuroblastoma and the deadly skin disease melanoma. Amazingly, all the three cancers provide a positive output with the vaccine.

That’s it and it was an “A-ha!” moment to everybody when they realized that they just discovered a breakthrough.

Nobody ever thought that all along, the solution to cancer problem is living inside of us; our own body immune system. The vaccine works by boosting our body’s immune system.

Cancer cells are came from our body and so our immune system as well. It will be like a guerrilla warfare that is happening inside our body. The vaccine will train our immune system act as mimic of a cancer cell and kill them.

Medical world is still waiting for further announce of the American Cancer Society for any progress.

Immune Therapies Finally Working against Cancer
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