Longer Schooling Lowers Dementia Risk

A latest study has suggested that the increase in the school leaving period to 15 over 50 years back could go in the direction of dropping the rates of developing dementia in the old people.

It was shown in a previous research that education is valuable as it raises the number of neural connections located in the brain. Poor cognitive role is recognized to be associated with the development of dementia, moreover, it is known already that dementia had a less likeliness to be developed in the people who been stayed in touch with education for a long period of time.


One of the researchers expressed amendments in the school leaving age as these were in the study should also show progress in cognitive abilities hence minimize dementia rates in the future.

Dementia occurs when people turn down cognitively to the end where it gets in the way of their ability to do basic things such as cooking.

Although dementia happens in later age, the alterations which lead towards it have a tendency to start at very early stages. The researchers are considering these findings very significant in order to predict what is going to be happened in the future.

Longer Schooling Lowers Dementia Risk
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