Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

symptoms-of-anxietyFor all we know, anxiety is not a disease or a condition. Anxiety is classified as disorder caused by excessive stress brought by works, fear or things like that. Many of us, especially those who are working under pressure are unconsciously experiencing this kind of disorder.

Actually, Anxiety is our body’s normal response to threat. It works like our natural defense mechanism to make us focus and motivate our self’s response and solve a problem. However, if anxiety becomes constant, overwhelming and you feel that it interfering your relationship with your family or slows you down, then it is now classified as disorder and needs to be treated.

Anxiety disorder is serious problem to the patient and the people that surrounds them. It could affect the patient life, productivity and family relationships. Anxiety could really destroy a person’s life and so should be treated. But to treat anxiety we must know first the sign of anxiety.


Some known indicator or physical symptoms that you are suffering under anxiety disorder and stress are the following:

Chest Pain or Palpitation

Person with anxiety may experience severe chest pain. His heart beats either faster or slower. This abnormality causes improper function of your heart.

Chest Pain

Tension Headaches or Migraine

Anxiety causes a person to have frequent headaches. Person with excessive stress often slows down by this symptom.

Tension Headaches

Tremor and Shaking

Person under anxiety may experience involuntary or unintentional shaking. This is how our nervous system reacts about anxiety.

Reacts About Anxiety

Excessive sweating

Notice how a person under presence of danger sweats a lot? Remember that anxiety may also be caused by fear and so people with anxiety are also experiencing the same physical reaction.


Loss of appetite

Too much stress makes a person loss his or her appetite. You may observe it with your self. After a long day of work and pressure, you would rather go to bed than to eat dinner.


Muscle tension or cramps and spasms

Another common physical symptom of anxiety is muscle cramps and spasm.


Menstrual irregularity

For female patient, anxiety may let them experience irregularity on their menstrual period; this maybe shown through woman’s unpredictable menstrual bleeding or painful period.

Menstrual Irregularity


Now this is another common and interesting physical symptom of excessive stress or anxiety disorder. A lot of office workers, especially those who work for computers and costumer relation section are wondering why they are having a hard time to have a child when compare to construction workers and other laborer whose work are much heavier but still could easily have a child. Well, you can blame it all in stress. You maybe had a physically much lighter works than them but much stressful to your brain.

Office Workers

These are just few symptoms of anxiety and stress. Too much of it could cause you your life, but you don’t have to worry. Proper treatment could still correct this disorder. If ever you feel that you are having these symptoms, it is advisable that you contact your anxiety experts for proper treatment. Anxiety and stress management programs are also helpful and highly recommended.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress
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