Researchers Have Found the Nerve Responsible for Pleasure

Collective team of researchers has isolated the specific nerves that send to pleasure stimulations to the brain and now researchers claim that they have better understanding of body action to the pleasurable touch.

Study findings help to understand the importance of touch is sustaining human relations. To stimulate this sensation people have to caress with 4 to cm per second. For decade researchers are trying to find the nerves that convey the message of pain and pleasure to the brain.


Neuropathy occur in the peripheral nervous system that damage the extensions of nerve cells. In this way nerves unable to bring the exact message to the brain and sometime these provide the wrong stimulation to the brain and person feel pain without any cause.

But the researchers, in this study which was including 20 volunteers, deeply focused on the pleasure, an opposite sensation of the pain.

In the experiment, researchers tested the response of people when their forearm skin stroked at different speeds. They recognize the C-tactile nerve fiber responsible for the stimulation of pleasant touch. If the stroke is not within the optimum range the

Researchers also noticed that these nerves are only present on the hairy skin. Researchers believe that the Mother Nature have inhibited the nerve response when used as functional tool.

Researchers noticed that the speed of stroke was almost equal to the frequency at which mother provides comfort to a baby and couples show affection.

As human our basic instinct is reproduction but some mechanisms also exits that are related to the behavior that keep relationship going.

Researchers Have Found the Nerve Responsible for Pleasure
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