Show Wiser Attitude Towards Drinking

A new research has shown as adults get older they consider themselves as wise to do anything to any extent is their right. Particularly, when it comes to the matter of drinking, they really don’t know to say no to any more drink. The study was conducted to observe this drinking behavior of older adults.


The participants of the research were given alcoholic beverages. After sometime when the whole group is tested, it was found that the older ones showed the same behavior as the youngsters did. Moreover, when they were asked about any impairment, they did not consider themselves affected as observers viewed. That is why they have become accustomed to the social drinking over the years.

Although the overall performance of both the groups was almost same, a former study suggests that older adults are more responsive to tranquilizing effects. Because, the metabolic system of older people take longer time to metabolize liquors. Its effects also take longer span to be cleared away from the system. This may result in alteration of the brain chemistry.  So it is suggested, be smart in monitoring your drinking levels, it doesn’t mean that you have become old but demonstrate your wiser drinking attitude.

Show Wiser Attitude Towards Drinking
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