Tell Tale Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive DisorderYou may be having obsessive compulsive disorder but how do you spot one? Let us face it almost everyone or the other suffers from a kind of obsession or picky nature about something or the other.

But these are some of the sure signs which tell you that you have a severe as well as obsessive chronic ailment regarding your compulsions.

The common themes of OCD as compiled by the US Anxiety Disorders Association of America show:

  1. persistent and irrational fears about cleanliness, dirt and various signs of ailments
  2. thinking compulsively that your thoughts can bring harm to someone
  3. picking up things in a persistent manner or keeping things in a particular order which almost relates to a phobia like fanatic fashion
  4. hoarding objects of no value
  5. going on a repeated impulse to cleanse the body or the environment
  6. checking upon unplugging or turning off appliances, locked doors, bags, etc.
  7. irrational doubts and fears
  8. repeated calling of a name or a walking in the same way or through the same place repeatedly
  9. reliving conversations in head or repeating words, etc/

However, if you think that you have any of these OCD syndromes or more the best thing to do would be not to worry about it. Almost all for are OCD in some way or the other. Given our fanatically paced lifestyles OCD tends to lurk around every one or any one.


However if you think that your compulsive habits are interfering in giving you a happy and satisfied life then you can consult a clinical psychiatrist or a therapist. Mostly these are anxiety related and when we learn to vent or cope up with our anxiety syndromes we are OCD no longer. Releasing anxiety is the key here as OCD are just symptoms of deep routed anxiety and in 90% times no other mental disorder on its own.

Tell Tale Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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