Unfolded Proteins Causing Neuron Damage in Alzheimer’s

The Dutch researchers have found that a malfunctioning in the protein binding leads to the death of neurons in Alzheimer’s disease. This finding might help to find out the new treatments for the disease.

The knots of the overlapped proteins are believed to be the responsible of Alzheimer’s disease.


In the body, there is a process that inhibits the misfolds of the proteins but some hoe in Alzheimer’s patients this process doesn’t perform its functional appropriately which results in the death of the nerve cells.

Researchers found that unfolded proteins trigger the nerve damage by promoting the accumulation of hyperphosphorylated tau in brain mostly found in the Alzheimer’s patient. The study also explained that responses were strong in the high tau concentration areas of the brain in the Alzheimer’s patients. The study has published in “The American Journal of Pathology.”

The researchers concluded that “response of unfolded proteins commencement occur at initial stage of neurofibrillary degeneration and the persistent activation of unfolded protein response increase the retention of tau phosphorylation and neurodegeneration in the patients of Alzheimer’s. in future studies would be conducted to address the therapeutic possibilities of this channel  to save the nerve from damage in brain.”

Unfolded Proteins Causing Neuron Damage in Alzheimer’s
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