Antibodies Cut Steroid Use in Sever Asthma Patients

Shots of antibody could be beneficial for the patients of sever asthma, a new study suggested.


Two teams of Canada and UK, founded mepolizumab helpful for the treatment of eosinophilia, a condition usually develop with asthma exacerbation.

The antibodies provide reduction in the episodes of asthma attacks as well as minimize the use of steroids which have certain side effects.

According to the estimation, more than 500,000 people of UK are suffering from sever asthma. Eosnophilia is a persistent inflammation of air passage associated with high level of white blood cells, an essential component of immunity system, also called eosinophils. The disease, sometime, requires hospitalization, depends on the severity of the condition.

Canadian researchers focused on 20 patients of sever asthma those were using steroids for nine years to control asthma, which has common side effects, like bone loss and weight gain.

After the use of mepolizumab, these patients were enabled to reduce their steroid use without any adverse effects regarding their disease. On the other hand symptoms start to get worse with placebo as they curtailed steroids.

The study conducted in UK, including 61 asthmatic patients provided the similar kind of results. In this study, mepolizumab was used in conjunction with steroids.

“Results showed that mepolizumab can reduce the frequency of asthma attack up to 50 percent and also cut the need of steroids,” Professor Pavord said.

“In the last decade there were very few alternative treatments for sever asthma. Now new approaches are available, so the possible reimbursement that mepolizumab can bring to five hundred thousand people with severe asthma complications in the UK are amazingly stirring.”

Antibodies Cut Steroid Use in Sever Asthma Patients
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