Women’s Health – Useful Tips For Pregnant Women

Food guide for pregnant women 

Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods in a woman’s life despite an armload of problems such as morning sickness and aches. Pregnancy is also the time when a woman gets to eat delicious foods that is rich in nutritive value because the baby in the womb needs nutrition as well. The food that pregnant women eat should be rich in certain nutrients, especially folic acid. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals is also of prime importance.

Furthermore, you should take care to eat organic food that is fresh. Fruits and vegetables of different kinds, along with nuts and dairy products should form an essential part of a pregnant woman’s diet.

Foods that a pregnant woman should avoid 

There are certain kinds of foods that a pregnant woman has to completely avoid. Foods that are rich in fats, sugars and calories are to be strictly avoided. Consumption of such foods can make the baby in the womb obese before birth and can lead to a number of problems in the future. Also, overweight babies cannot travel through the birth canal easily and in most cases, a C-section is necessary. Alcohol and tobacco are also strictly prohibited during pregnancy. You should also avoid processed foods that contain artificial color, preservatives and chemicals. Forget about your diet plan for a while. You can get back in shape after the baby is born when it is much easier to lose weight. Eat well and eat nutritious foods.


Being pregnant is a cause of loss of a lot of energy because the same energy has to feed both mother and child. So, it is common that a pregnant woman take adequate rest so that she can overcome the constant fatigue that tends to overcome her. Resting will also help the mother overcome mood swings, which are common during pregnancy due to overactive hormones. When you rest, the baby rests with you. It needs rest to be healthy and grow well.


Exercise is as necessary for a pregnant woman as is rest. When you exercise, the metabolism rate in the body increases and nutrients reach the baby better. You can also burn off the excess calories that you accumulate due to the rich diet. While you are pregnant, you are required to consume an additional three hundred calories which have to come in the form of nutritious foods. Exercising will keep excessive calories away. Walking is the most recommended forms of exercise for a pregnant woman.

Women’s Health – Useful Tips For Pregnant Women
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