Women may show Prompt Clearance of Anal HPV

A new study has found HPV or human papillomavirus which could lead towards cervical cancer might also invade the anus. But it can be determined at early stages. The average period of the kinds of HPV was thought to be at high risk around 150 days. Though, it altered from type to type.

The researchers scanned the factors linked to anal HPV infection and its appearance in women. Almost more than half women showed up the symptoms of anal HPV infections during the follow-up. This information may aid to explain the reason of rarity of anal cancer in women as compared to cervical cancer.

Possibility of cervical cancer is screened by testing for cervical HPV. On the other hand, the fact about the short-life of anal infections hoist the likelihood of anal HPV testing to be less efficient tool of cancer screening than cervical HPV testing, the lead researcher added. Moreover, the delayed clear up was associated with long-term smoking, douching and to have anal sex.

Now the target of future research is based on an important question whether anal HPV testing should be used as a tool for cancer screening or not, the researcher concluded.

Women may show Prompt Clearance of Anal HPV
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