Brain Part Can Forecasts The Risk of Dementia

A hyper activity in the memory storage part of the brain indicates the risk of dementia according to the UK study.

Researchers already know that people which have the rough type of gene ApoE4 have a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Now the findings have associated delicate activities of hippocampus with the same mutation in people as young as 20.


The researchers of UK strongly believe that, over active hippocampus raise the risk of dementia in later age. This study could be the objective in developing techniques to point out people with increased risk of dementia.

Number of copies of ApoE4 rough gene increase the chances of developing dementia for instance with one copy person have four times more chances and with two copies chances get increased to ten percent. But according to the analysis of 36 volunteers with 20 to 35 years age, it is not necessary.

“The results of the study are of great interest but this doesn’t mean to accept that Alzheimer’s has started to develop in the young volunteers,” neuroscientists Dr Peter Nestor said.

There are multiple causes of Alzheimer’s and are complex too which include both environmental and genetic. Better comprehension can lead to develop the way the potent treatments to help people minimize their risk.

“This study can act as milestone for the further incoming studies to understand functioning of brain in younger people,” Professor Clive Ballard stated.

Brain Part Can Forecasts The Risk of Dementia
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